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Are you ready to re-envision and redesign the next chapter of your life?

Shift Your Perspective

What’s holding you back from transitioning to retirement in a different way?

Reimagine What’s Next

How can you save for retirement and still live your today?

Discover Possibilities

Jargon-free financial planning.

Jargon Free Financial Planning Howard County MD jargon-free Financial Planning, reframe financial planning

ReFrame Financial Planning is on a mission to shift the mindset around financial planning and “traditional” retirement. We help those who are thinking about an encore phase to re-imagine and design the second half of their lives. 

As fee-only financial planners, we start with you. Your values, passions and purpose. Together, we unleash the possibilities of your next chapter.

Retirement Transition Howard County MD ReFrame Financial Planning

Are you re-imagining what you’ll do in the next 10 years? What’s holding you back from transitioning to retirement in a different way?

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Questions Howard County MD ReFrame Financial Planning

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Ready to rethink YOUR next chapter? That’s not retirement planning, that’s NOW planning.

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Are you in your mid- to late-career and ready for your next adventure?

I’m Mary Thompson, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ . I want to show you a different way.

I’m on a mission to change your attitude about retirement. I want you to live the life you want with the money you have now while balancing the needs you have for your future. ReFrame Financial Planning is a fee-only, registered investment advisor dedicated to guiding you into your next life chapter in a way that’s aligned with your values, passions and purpose. I do not manage my clients' assets. My focus is fully on you and your financial interests. I do things differently - and it starts with you.

Mary Thompson CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ ReFrame Financial Planning

Feeling a Bit Bored and Ready for Something New?

At 48, you’ve made some money and saved some for retirement, but feel a bit bored and under-appreciated. You’re ready for something new. Maybe a new career? Maybe travel? Maybe that hobby or interest? Whatever it is, you know there’s more than “just retirement.” Are you ready to prioritize your passions, dreams and values — not those of everyone else?

Perhaps you’re in your mid-50s, single, with 25-30 years of federal employment under your belt. You have a good pension and retiree health insurance. You’re ready for something different, but not ready to stop being productive. You’re wondering what could be next.

Or maybe you and your spouse are in your early 60s. You’re at the top of your professions, but tired of the 9-to-5 work grind. You’re ready for more control and flexibility in your schedule. Ready to explore, travel, spend time with family, give back to your community and, possibly, work at something you truly love. But you wonder if you have enough saved for retirement. 

Can you afford to realign your work life to pursue your passions?

If you’re not sure what’s next for you, but you know it isn’t traditional retirement, you’re not alone. Need a practical plan for moving forward? Feeling uncertain because you’re afraid to use what you’ve saved? I’m here to show there is a plain and simple way to address your financial needs. Let’s talk.

I will help you become the expert of your own financial future.

Together, we’ll get to know each other. We’ll explore your dreams. We’ll craft a plan that lets you live a purposeful life now while preparing for a more traditional retirement when you are ready to slow down.

With one-on-one engagement, purposeful conversations, holistic financial planning, transition coaching and practical education, I will help you to truly understand what your money is doing. Explore what’s possible. And control what it can do for you. Plain and simple.

Mary Thompson Photo

Mary Thompson


Becoming a financial planner was a career change for me. I started out in the IT field, spending the late 80s and 90s helping others navigate and leverage new technology as it developed. Working at one of the ten largest mutual fund companies, I assisted investment and marketing staff with their IT needs in the Boston, London and Tokyo offices. I learned project management and change management during my IT years — and that knowledge helps me help my clients to negotiate change in their lives today.

Before starting my own firm, I spent 10 joy-filled years being a stay-at-home mom for my young children. I then relished another 10 years of learning and working for a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor in Columbia, MD. I love the fee-only model! When I entered into my “encore” adult years, I decided to build my own practice.

Today, I balance my work with my other interests. I spend time with my family, which includes my husband Don, our two children, Scott and Bridget, and our adorable Glen of Imaal Terrier. I actively volunteered for several businesses in Old Ellicott City as part of flood recovery and rebuilding efforts. I also volunteer for several organizations involved in financial literacy. Recently, I discovered a love for kettlebell workouts and have been training for a couple swimming and running endurance events on my bucket list.

I’m lucky to have found my passion and to have the ability to align it with my goals and values. Now, through ReFrame Financial Planning, I get to help others do the same.

Encore Adulthood

At one time, retirement was all about financial independence. Retirement began on the day you saved enough to live off your portfolio and other income sources without needing a paycheck from your employer. At age 65, you’d retire and live out your last 10 to 15 years in leisure.

Times have changed. People are living longer. We’re healthier in our golden years. A growing group of 50+ adults are pursuing different paths to retirement. Paths that include continued engagement, but in new, creative and active ways. We “Encore” adults are interested in new careers or learning experiences. As our financial obligations dwindle, we still feel young, vibrant and have a strong desire to contribute in meaningful ways.

Today’s retirement is more about time independence. It's the ability to control your own time and decide how to divide up your days, weeks or months — for the next 20 to 30 years — on activities and engagements that are meaningful for you.

At ReFrame Financial Planning, I focus on building relationships with my clients. Our conversations will help you figure out how to leverage all your resources to live the life you want today while still planning for tomorrow. We’ll start by asking questions about your money values and scripts, not about how much money you have. I want to learn about your past to understand your present mindset around money in order to help you build the life you want now and prepare for the future you envision.

You shouldn’t have to hand over your assets to get good financial advice. Different people engage different ways… but it should always go back to YOUR values. Select a financial advisor that aligns with your money value system.

If this new vision of retirement and this new way of looking at your money sparks your curiosity, let’s talk to find out what’s possible for you.

“But, Mary, I just don’t know if this is for me,” you say?

I get it. Sometimes your “money stories” or “scripts” make it difficult to consider that there might be a different way. Or that you deserve to do things differently. Sometimes it’s just about shifting your perspective —dealing with those old “shoulds” that are no longer relevant or useful.

My proprietary ShiftApproach helps those who are thinking about an encore phase to create a transition (and execution) plan that IS aligned with their values, passions and purpose. As fee-only financial planner, my interests sit squarely with you – to help you discover and unleash the possibilities of your next chapter in life.

What's holding you back from transitioning to retirement in a different way?

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A New Approach to Financial Planning

ReFrame Financial Planning helps those who are looking for a new way to engage with a financial advisor. With one-on-one engagement, purposeful conversations, holistic financial planning, transition coaching and practical education, I will help you to truly understand what your money is doing and can do for you. Plain and simple.

I call this multi-phased process the ShiftApproach.

The ShiftApproach is a repeatable, yet customizable, framework that addresses (and challenges, when necessary) unhelpful money mindsets and helps guide you as you explore, define, clarify and plan the next chapter of your life — one that is aligned with your values, passions and purpose.

Do you want to have more than return on investment conversations with your financial advisor?

Would you like to understand what money scripts you’ve developed are keeping you from building the life you want now? Click below to take our survey to see how aligned you are with living the life you want.

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Fee Only Financial Planning

I am a fee-only, registered independent advisor as well as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER. The only compensation I receive is the fee you pay me, so I have a conflict-free interest in making the best decisions for you.

My annual fee is typically $4800 for individuals, $6000 for most couples, and up to about $10,000 for more complex situations. Once we discuss your situation, needs and desired outcomes, we’ll mutually agree on your annual fee within this range.

The fee is billed quarterly, in advance of the work being done. You can terminate your agreement with me at any time, for any reason. I will reimburse you for any remaining days in the quarter. Plain and simple.

Why a flat fee?

Fee only financial planning howard County md, ReFrame Financial Planning


Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with Mary?
Why a flat fee?
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What kind of investments do you recommend?
Why do you recommend mostly passive index funds?
Why is educating your clients so important?
What are your qualifications?
Can I cancel my planning relationship with you at any time?
What are your responsibilities to me?
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If something comes up, can I meet with you?
Your fee seems high for just financial planning. Why is that?


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